July 16, 2018
This week we got into different groups again to create another website on Wix. We had to choose a topic of our interest and create a documentary on it. On the 16th, my group Ashanti, Lily and I chose to do why the Arts is important in S.T.E.M. to create S.T.E.A.M and how arts should be used inside of the S.T.E.M programs. We chose this because we are all involved in the arts category with our music, acting, and drawing. We thought it would be a good idea to figure out why others don’t think it is that important to have.

Purpose, Goals, and More!

July 12, 2018

This week, on July 09, 2018, we had a speaker named Dr. Franklin. The first thing she said that I took from her was “know your purpose.” She was speaking about where we see ourselves in a couple years and how will it take to get to those goals. I know that the things i want to do has to do with music, teaching, photography, art designs and fashion. She told us we “need to tackle the easy goals first before we tackle the hard one” while completing these goals we need to have time management during our tie in college because organization is important.

Fireworks and Magic Shows

July 4th, 2018

The “FOURTH” week of Empowered. Let me start by saying Happy Fourth of July. Today we are not working because it is a holiday. I am in Florida today on a family vacation. I will not be at work this week but i will still be learning new things. I went to Magic Kingdom and at night time they do a gigantic show with the castle that’s in the middle of the park. The show is nothing but fireworks and a video that shines on the castle. This made me think of the things we learned in Treehouse when applying CSS. while watching the show it made me think of how did they make the video, and how did they get the fireworks to be in sync to what the video was doing.

Presenting our work!

June 30, 2018

This Saturday we got to meet a couple of people that wanted to start their own business. Our Empowered group separated into three teams and helped create a very unique and creative website for these three people we had never met and had very little information about what they wanted to do for their business. We were excited that they had like what we came up with for them. The difficult thing about creating these websites is choosing exactly how to set up the layout, because the layout needs to go perfectly with the theme of the website so it can look professional. We used to create this website. Wix is my favorite thing to use to create a website now because its very easy to use and can help bring a lot of creativity out!

Little Idea Become Bigger and Better

June 27, 2018

This is the third week of Empowered for me. We had a speaker come in today to speak about Design Basics. Her name is Ms. Rachel Grey.She was so inspirational when she was talking to us. Something she said that caught my eye was “Start experimenting now with different things and start small so you can get bigger.” This caught my eye because I am still unsure on what exactly I wanna do when I become older. I have so many things that I am interested in that makes me feel happy. If i could i will like to put all the things that I love to do kind of together. I am happy that i am in this summer program because this is me trying new things and starting small so that one day i can use all of the things that we are learning into something bigger in life.

HTML and the Creativity Side

June 21, 2018


This was everyone’s second week of Empowered, but it was my first full week. I have accomplished a lot over the last couple of days. I was stuck on a few things when first learning HTML. The most difficult thing that I had trouble doing was adding images to the website. Sometimes the images wouldn’t show up the way that Treehouse had taught us. On the bright side my favorite part of this weeks Treehouse was learning CSS. I like Cascading Style Sheets because it adds creativity to the blog, webpage and or website. It makes everything so colorful and bright. It gets the people more interested in actually reading what the website has to say. Another thing that happened this week is that I completed HTML and the Introduction of HTML and CSS. I am now working on CSS basics so that I can begin working on creating my own website. My biggest takeaway from the guest speakers this week is always be who you are and learn how to learn. Dr. Johnson told us girls that “in able to succeed in something you first have to learn how to learn.” Learning how to do something can become a challenge in the beginning but it ends up becoming very easy and fun. When something is being taught and learned you can used those things and apply it to something greater, bigger and more powerful. Another thing that she said that I took away was that we all need to “create a brand that will make us unique” and different from all the other brands out here!